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3rd Anniversary Trip

I can’t believe Cade and I have been married for 3 years! Every year we try and go on an anniversary trip. For our first anniversary, we went to Kelowna. Last summer, to celebrate our second anniversary, we went to Banff and Canmore. This year…we went back to Kelowna! Kelowna is my favourite place in Canada. I grew up in Abbotsford, BC, and Kelowna was always our destination for summer and winter vacations (have you ever skied Big White?! Best mountain ever!), so I have the fondest memories of family timeĀ in Kelowna.

During our trip, we basically just relaxed the entire time! We visited the Kelowna Mountain Bridges, went out to dinner a few times (thankful for Groupon!), walked around downtown, but spent most of our time relaxing at the pool and enjoying the beautiful warm weather together. After a busy summer, it was so nice to spend a week as just the two of us!